Executive Summary of our Vocational Education Business Plan In Nigeria

Mo’ Digit Hub is an NBTE Accredited Vocational education, technical and human capacity development training centre.

Our Vocational Education Business Plan in Nigeria focuses on enlightening the youth through exposure to vocational training, business development E-Library, Training/Seminal and Workshop facilities and business consulting for the youth that dominate more than half the population of people in Nigeria.

There is a great need to aid our Educational system in Nigeria with employable skills and knowledge.

The rate of unemployment is increasing yearly so the urge to facilitate the training of the youth is the force driving the organization.

We make accessible to the masses vocational skills acquisition, access to up to date Equipment, Mentorship and guide, Internship Opportunities and making available start-up funds after training by creating links with potential sponsors.

The centre provides training in diverse Vocational Fields;

  1. Agro-Allied- green house farming, cattle rearing, fish farming, snail farming, piggery.
  2. Beautification- horticulture, Lawn cultivation, Tree cultivation.
  3. ICT- website development, hardware software development.
  4. Power and energy- solar inverters alternated current maintenance and maximization of direct current.
  5. Food processing and preservation’s- tomato paste making, catering services, pastries, fruit juices and beverages.
  6. Culture and tourism- arts and design, batik, tie and dye clothing, bead making, and exterior decoration.
  7. Education- secondary and tertiary institutions, catering schools.

Aims and Objectives of Mo’Digit Hub Vocational Training Centre in Nigeria

  1. To expose minimum of 1500 youths and students to different vocational skills in the center
  2. To provide the trainees with standard and up to date technology and machines in every of the departments
  3. To help bring to the lime light innovative ideas in the vocational world.


  • To be among the top 5 vocational training and to train self sufficient entrepreneurs that will reduce the grip of poverty on the youths and Nigeria at large.


  • We are engrossed in improving the lives of the people by adding values to them through teaching of vocational skills and trade in a serene and conducive, interactive and practical class and also to empower the people to be job creators than job seekers.                                                                                                                                  

Management teams for our vocational Training Business plan in Nigeria:

He is a fast rising business consultant at Mo’Digit Hub.

He has over 4 years experience in impacting and training people on vocational skills and writing of vocational business plans.

He has broad knowledge in business analysis and business development consultation, a passionate entrepreneur to the core; he is an enthusiastic motivational speaker and a business coach.

Businesses will benefit from the teams;

  1. Proficiency
  2. Capacity to train in large scale
  • Broad knowledge of training and research works
  1. Consulting capacities.

Main materials, equipment or expertise to create the product or services in a vocational training business plan in Nigeria

  • Human resources/facilitators- recruitment of professional instructors and tutors in different fields of skills.
  • Advisory board will consist of community people, parents, business development consultants, lawyers.
  • Vocational Training equipment/materials for each department
  • Training facilities and equipment
  • Audio-visual equipment to produce digital products
  • Physical and E-library facilities
  • Conducive workspace
  • ICT facilities

These materials can be gotten locally; we buy in bulk supplies to cut cost.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation in vocational Training Business plan in Nigeria


  1. Inadequate power supply
  2. Insufficient funds
  3. Facility and equipment
  4. Accreditation
  5. Inability to locate qualified tutors on some vocational skills

To Minimize

1. Facilities and equipment insurance

2. Provision to source for financial sponsors/financial institution to take care of funds

3. Publicity through social medias

4. Provision for more reliable power supply

5. Collaboration with a university and NABTEB accreditation.

Our Vocational Training Centre’s Target customers:

  1. Artisans/ semi literates- This people constitute like 30% of our customers
  2. Physically challenged people- This people have government support to be trained in vocational skills or the other
  3. Working class/professional- They have interest in acquiring more knowledge about entrepreneurship and to set up businesses as other sources of income.
  4. Small Business starters- They appreciate skills that will improve their businesses and boost sales
  5. Undergraduates and secondary school students- schools now have entrepreneurship centres that partner with vocational centres.
  6. Graduates/NYSC members- They also contribute like 25%of our customers

Organization and Operation of the Vocational Training Centre

The chairman is the ultimate decision maker that elects the board of Directors, The board of directors is the management body that overview all activities and projects.

The board of directors appoints people to the project Management Team, such appointments are done each time there is a training at hand and stays active for the training period or a minimum of two years if the training exceeds one year.

By fact some of the members of the board are automatically members of the project Management Teams by nature of their responsibility ( the secretary and the chairman are signatories to accounts)

The board of directors consists of the following Members and or representatives:

  1. Board of directors chairman
  2. BoD secretary who is also the chief instructor and representative of instructors
  3. A representative from the ministry of education- vocational training department
  4. The local government represented by the town’s king or area chief

Presence at the meeting, though by appointment is completely voluntary.

The board drafts and approves the training plans. They give mandate to the BoD secretary who is also the chief instructor to execute the plan as laid down by the BoD including but not limited to;

  1. Organizing guidance and counseling for learners to discuss progress of learners
  2. Taking care of staffs and learners welfare i.e. feeding and accommodation.
  3. Ensuring quality teaching and learning.
  4. Coordinating staffs and learners
  5. Giving teaching and learning materials to tutors and learners.
  6. Meeting with guardians of learners to discuss the learners’ progress
  7. Production of original reports of the training centres.
  8. Making recommendations and reports to the BoD on matters of the training centres
  9. Initiating accreditation and legal registration of the vocational centres.

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