skills Acquisition & business Development

We are a Community Interest Company that offers consistent training on skill acquisition and Enterprise Development with a mission to maximize social impact.

We are poised to provide resources needed for the success of small businesses.

What we do

Business Immersion Programme (BIP)

The Business Immersion Program (BIP) is designed to help small Business Owners acquire fundamental and critical business and entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in today’s global marketplace

Business Development Services

Increase your Reach and Profit- Access Business Plan, Business Consulting Service, Financial Analysis, Business Registration, Digital Marketing, Corporate Training Services

Business Consult

Making accurate diagnosis of strategic issues in your organization and providing verified recommendations that will turn your organizational challenges into viable opportunities for growth.

Financial Analysis

Aggregating the financial data of your organization and creating specialized financial model that helps you better manage your resources and improve your income.

Business Registration

Registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission and assisting you with securing other necessary certification either with Federal federal and state government parastatals or relevant professional bodies

Business Plan

Providing proper documentation of your operational details, business strategies, market and financial information that would be convincing enough to your prospective investors while also creating a clear roadmap for your business in order to set you on the path to success as a new or existing business

We are helping Nigerian small businesses to Shine

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