When was the last time your business developed a new product? Does your business have a definite production development strategy?

There is nothing that breathes new life into a business than developing new products. All businesses, both new and old, need to bring new products to market or develop existing ones.

The need is clear but how do you strategize to develop efficient and effective product?

A good product development strategy provides an outline for building new products and improving the market presentation and quality of the existing product. Product development is a dynamic and continuous process of the manufacturing system.

Registering for this course is the first step in increasing the odds of your product development success.

1. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the five phases of the product development process which are:

  • Idea generation
  • Screening
  • Concept development
  • Product development
  • Commercialization

2. You will have the full knowledge of the elements of product development:

    • Feasibility of the production of the product.
    • Qualities and characteristics of products.
    • Models and designs of products.
    • Packaging and branding: packing, colour, size, form, etc., of the product.
    • Expansion and contraction of product mix.
    • Discontinuation of unprofitable products.
    • Improvement in product

With practical case study and review training style, you are sure to be well equipped by experts for your next product development.

Brand, a must-have for every business. Either as a business startup or an already established business, your brand speaks all about you.

A brand, simply, is the way people (your customers, employees, and the general public) perceive your business. Since a brand is synonymous with marque, trademark, and image, you will agree with me that brand building involves the creation, maintenance, and improvement of the image of a business, your business.