Business Name: Jogostech

Hi, this is Jogostech, a phone repair and engineering company in Nigeria. We have been in the phone repair and engineering business for over five years and have made it our life’s work to offer a high-quality product at an affordable price. Our focus is basically on repairing and upgrading phones in Nigeria. Our last five years have been spent working with customers looking for reliable phone repair services, but they can’t find any local businesses offering this type of service.

We understand that many people in Nigeria are willing to pay top dollar for quality phone repairs, but they do not know where to go or whom to trust with their expensive electronics. Thus, we decided to fill that space as our team of engineers will ensure that our client’s phone is repaired quickly.

We are also dedicated to providing our customers with the best phones, laptops, computers, and accessories available at the best possible prices. This business aims to provide repair services for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices. The main objective is to help customers who have lost their devices solve their problems and get them working again as soon as possible. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Repair services for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices.
  • Sales of the best phones, laptops, computers, and accessories.
  • Phone tracking, formatting, and flashing.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring together all these people who want high-quality service at a low price by establishing an online storefront for anyone who needs help with their phones. This storefront will be accessible via smartphone apps that allow users to schedule appointments with repair technicians and receive updates regarding the status of their repairs from anywhere at any time. The storefront will also feature useful information about repairing phones and tips for how customers can keep their phones running smoothly for years. The business model behind this idea involves using online advertising campaigns.


Our Vision

To operate as one of Nigeria’s leading phone repair and engineering companies.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service through our high standards of workmanship and reliability whilst maintaining strict quality control procedures.

Our concerns

As a phone repair and engineering business operating in the market of Nigeria, our business plan is prepared to address the following concerns:

  • We are establishing a base for operation for the foreseeable future, including recruiting employees.
  • We are setting up distribution channels for products, including mobile phone repair services, through various partners in Nigeria and other African countries.
  • Advertising and marketing strategies are necessary to achieve sustainable growth in sales volume over time.
  • We are setting up an office for operations and administration functions in different states across Nigeria within six months of establishing the company in such states.
  • We are developing a website which will offer information about products and services offered by the company.

Our Methods and Technology

At Jogostech, we use phone repair services as a method for offering phone repair services in Nigeria. This allows us to provide high-quality repairs at affordable prices while also providing employment opportunities for those who need it most by hiring local mechanics with the skills to perform repairs efficiently on their own.

In addition, through our company’s website or any other online platform we developed, we could provide mobile phone replacement services using our mobile repair vans. This will allow us to service customers quickly without having them wait for days after calling. Also, our highly motivated sales team makes our advertising strategies effective. Meanwhile, we also have an efficient delivery system comprising logistics partners who can help deliver orders within 2 to 3 days of the order being made.

Our Aim and Objectives

We aim to provide a solution to the current lack of mobile phone repair and engineering services in Nigeria. With this goal in mind, we plan to grow our company by offering top-notch services to clients through:

  • A wide range of products available from our supplier
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-quality craft
  • Improved quality of life through innovative, reliable, and high-tech solutions.
  • We have a personalized customer experience.

Our Management Team

In demonstrating our ability to succeed, we built for ourselves a strong management team whose backgrounds emphasized skills and ability to grow our company. Their direct experience in managing cell phone repair and engineering gave them a platform to leverage with us. Also, we have an advisory board of 6 members who act as mentors to us. We run to them when the need for strategic guidance arises. These individuals also have experience managing small businesses, especially cell phone repair businesses.

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