Business Name: Oledur Creations

Industry: Manufacturing

Business Details

Hellim creations is a hat and cap-making business based in Nigeria. The business was founded by two Nigerian men, Babatunde Olowoniyi and Oluwatosin Durowaiyeo, who wanted to start a business that could help them support their families and provide for their children. The pair saw few opportunities for people in their community to become self-employed, so they decided to create a company that would provide them with the tools and training they needed to start their own businesses.

At Oledur creations, we offer training programs for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make hats and caps. We will also teach these entrepreneurs how to market their products, reduce overhead costs, and increase profits. The goal is for these entrepreneurs to be able to sell their products online or at trade shows so that they can earn money from home rather than having to travel far away from home (or even from home) every day so they can make money from selling hats or caps.

We have set up an organizational structure that consists of a joint-venture partner with whom we formed an agreement for manufacturing hats and caps in Nigeria for several years until the company has become profitable enough to begin exporting its products globally. This partnership will be mutually beneficial because it will help us access raw materials from overseas suppliers. Besides, they gain access to our labour force which can be used as cheap raw materials when manufacturing products locally.

Target Market and Model

We are targeting the African market because it has a large population of consumers with limited access to luxuries such as hats and caps. Our business model is based on providing a wide range of products, including hats, caps, clothing and accessories, at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy our products. We also want to create jobs for unemployed people who would otherwise not have jobs.

Business aims and objectives:

We aim to become the top hat and cap maker in Nigeria. We want to provide high-quality hats and caps at affordable prices. We believe that we can achieve this goal by building a strong brand name and following a consistent business model. We also aim to provide a platform for small and medium businesses to sell their handmade hats, caps and other accessories. Thus, we intend to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide the best quality, durable and stylish hats at affordable prices.
  • To create a new niche in the market for hats and caps, where they can be sold easily, without any problem.
  • To help youths create a business that will earn revenue by selling hats and caps.
  • To provide employment opportunities for people willing to work hard and who have dreams but no means to achieve them due to a lack of education or skills needed to run a business on their own.
  • To be the preferred brand of choice for our customers.
  • To provide superior customer service by providing excellent service to all our clients.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to provide opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity for its stakeholders by providing quality products at competitive rates.

Our Vision

We aim to become one of the most recognized brands in Nigeria and grow from a local business to an international brand that everyone recognizes. With this vision, we can offer a wide range of products, from caps to beanies and headbands. This, we believe, will be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Management Team

Our management team is a group of five individuals who have worked together for the last five years to manufacture quality hats and caps. They have successfully managed a company that has grown to over 50 employees. The company will be developing a new product line, which will be exported to other countries. The new product line will be based on a soft material made using natural fibers and has a silky feel. This fabric is ideal for use in the making of hats and caps. It is also very durable and washable.

The management team has access to a wide range of resources and expertise to help them develop this product line. They have access to people who have worked with similar products in the past and have experience manufacturing similar products overseas. In addition, they have access to machines that can be used for production and testing purposes before going into full production mode.

They also have access to machinery that can be used for cutting and sewing purposes so that the final product can be created consistently without any issues arising during production time (i.e., slippage due to improper cutting). They have established relationships with various suppliers who are willing to sell their products at reasonable rates.

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