F&T Foods is one of its kind, producing foods directly from the plants. Groundnut processing is one of the divisions of F&T Foods, and it is located in the Ilero community, behind Aba-iyamedi, Ilawe Road, Ado Ekiti. Though there are other groundnut farms in Nigeria, ours is inimitable because we want to be able to produce freshly processed and contaminant-free groundnut products for our customers. Groundnuts are rich in fat, protein, and many other healthy nutrients. Studies show that peanuts may be useful for weight loss and are linked to reduced threat of heart compliance.

Our top-notch technology allows all nutritional value in the product to be retained, and products are free from chemical and environmental pollutants that can affect the taste, durability, and health of the consumers.

Groundnut requires well-drained, sandy loamy soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0, high organic matter, an optimal temperature, and optimum annual rainfall. Groundnut plantation requires average spacing of 75cm x 20cm, or 50cm x 20cm for bunch varieties while spreading varieties can be planted at 100cm x 20cm or 75cm x 25cm. Groundnuts can be attacked by about 100 insect-pest viz, and fungal diseases can also attack the crops. The crop also needs an effective weed control process.

To achieve proper spacing, good germination, vegetative growth, and reproductive growth of our products, our farmland is located in a sparsely populated area with sandy, loamy soil that has the right temperature level where the plant can have direct access to sun, rain, labour, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides.


To become one of the world’s higher producers of fresh and processed groundnut products and reduce the risk of excessive intake of groundnut nutrients.


  • To create easy access to groundnut nutrients
  • To provide healthy and purely refined groundnut products for consumers
  • To offer all products at fair and lowest possible prices
  • To ensure efficient and highly motivated distribution of groundnut products
  • To build a strong relationship with customers by producing quality products.


  • Groundnut oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Groundnut cake
  • Groundnut confections
  • Groundnut snacks


  • Sales of groundnut to other producers
  • Offer training to other farmers
  • Production of groundnut products
  • Storage and marketing of groundnut products

Competitive Advantages For Groundnut Farming and Processing Business Plan in Nigeria

Due to our modernized and well-managed machinery, spacious facilities, and competent workers, we produce the best products and services compared to other production companies, and all the materials used are in proportion. We get our materials from the best production companies, and our packaging is top-notch.

We don’t run out of supply because we have our well-managed groundnut farm, and customers can have free samples whenever they patronize us. We also run a promo every festive period to appreciate our customers. Above all, we maintain a team of qualified experts in the field of the groundnut processing business to deliver the best and succeed as a company.

Equipment and Materials for Groundnut Farming and Processing Business Plan in Nigeria

They include:

  • Piece of land,
  • Industrial generator,
  • Gold crown,
  • Steam pressure reducing station,
  • Sucker,
  • SS tank,
  • Groundnut shellers,
  • Groundnut harvester,
  • Processing machines, etc.

Expected profit

We expect a daily turnover of #200,000 to #250,000, which translates to about #6 million to #7.5million monthly, based on our output and demand for our products.

Management team

We have the best and most qualified set of management teams.

Mr Dele Anifowose is a crop science graduate from the federal university, Oye, with a master’s degree in crop science. With all his experience, he’s in charge of the plantation and the growth of the groundnut.

Mr Olusesan Olorunsola graduated first class in soil and land management from Ekiti State University. He went further to study soil science, making him qualified to manage the soil and other environmental conditions.

Mrs Mercy Ogundare is a product of food science and technology from FUOYE, Oye Ekiti. She ensures the proper processing and packaging of groundnut products.

Miss Anu Adebiyi, a food science graduate from UNIILORIN, ensures that the processed groundnut has a good nutritional value.

Mr Lekan Afolabi has a degree in Agricultural Economist and Extension and a master’s degree in agricultural economist from NSUUKA. His input is relevant in the running of the groundnut production

Mr Ayomide Goodluck has a degree in accounting from OAU. He’s also a registered accountant and in charge of auditing the account to make the finances optimized.

Mr John Akinleye is the technological equipment manager. He ensures good maintenance of the technological and electrical equipment in the company. Mr John has a BSc in electrical and electronics engineering from FUTA.

Mrs Dunni Owosanmi is the head of human resources with a degree in human administration from UNIBEN. She is a financial analyst who functions in recruiting the best employee for the job.

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