Hivita Limited is a fruit processing company located at No.14, Hivita  Avenue, Ajao Estate, Ikeja capital of Lagos State. Despite many other fruit processing companies in Lagos State, our is special because we wish to offer wholesome, safe, nutritious and acceptable fruit products to consumers throughout the year.

In fruit processing, our major concern is the fruits’ state and ensuring they are nutritional to the health. You might have known that fruits are great sources of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fibre. Therefore, we plan to use the best fruit processing strategies to ensure that a very large percentage of the fruits’ nutrients are contained in the processed products.

Our location is a well-populated area with direct access to fresh fruits. There is a nearby fruit market where we easily transport fruits for processing. Also, we have a functional borehole that makes for an adequate supply of good water. We use noiseless fruit processing machines with an adequate electricity supply and good roads for easy transportation of products. Our fruits are free from spoilage.

We always get positive reviews from customers when they consume our products, which has helped our product marketing. Even as our customers trade our products through word of mouth, we are very active on social media where we build relationships with customers, get to know how to serve them better, and advertise our products.

You can contact us @ Hivita  Limited on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We aim to get across to more customers and increase our chances of trading in major towns and cities like Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt as we attract investors.

Our Goal

To become the most sought-after producer of well-processed fruit products in the region while preventing fruits from contamination and extreme heat.


  • To provide safe, nutritious and high-quality fruit products for consumption
  • Prevent fruit spoilage and contamination
  • Become an excellent manufacturer of well-processed fruits
  • Maintain an effective relationship with farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers through quality products
  • To serve as an alternative source of fruit


  • Juices
  • Canned and Dehydrated Products
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Concentrates of Fruit Juices.
  • Chutneys


  • Offering training to fruit farmers
  • Sales of fruit juices
  • Preservation and packaging of fruit products
  • Storage and marketing of fruit products

Why should you patronize our products and services?

We offer the best and unique way of fruit processing. Our fruit processing uses the latest procedure that makes our products maintain their nutritional values, free from chemicals and contaminating agents that can affect consumer health adversely.


Most fruit processing companies are sited in towns with a bad transportation channel, inaccessibility to markets, electricity and adequate water. The fruits may spoil because of a lack of adequate electricity supply and distance from the market to the processing company.

On the contrary, we are strategically positioned to avoid these problems such that there is vehicular movement, we enjoy adequate water and electricity supplies, and our company is very close to a fruit market. The abundance of fine and functional machinery makes fruit processing easier and faster. Therefore, our fruits are safe from spoilage and contamination.

Competitive advantage for fruits processing business plan in Nigeria

We offer far more than what you will find in other fruit processing companies and our extraordinary services. We do not rinse, peel and squeeze our fruits with bare hands as we have machines that do so. We also make sure that our fruits are ripe and safe from contaminants.

We don’t run out of supply because we have our fruit processors, and customers can get free samples of our products for a taste whenever they patronize us. We also test the quality of the water we use for processing. We maintain a team of certified experts and professionals in the field of business and fruit processing to deliver the best and maintain the prosperity of our company.

Equipment for fruits processing business plan in Nigeria

Our equipment includes:

  • Pouch Dryer
  • Aseptic System
  • Pulpers
  • Tunnel Pasteurizer
  • Aseptic Fillers
  • Cookers and Formulators
  • Concentrators for wastewater and processing residues
  • Brand packaging materials

As a growing business, we plan to reach multiple customers and export our products to neighbouring towns and cities. We also plan to organize training sessions and seminars for interested individuals and fruit farmers on fruit processing.

Our expansion plan cuts across the purchase of more lands to accommodate processed and packaged products to maximize productivity and demand. The cost of land purchase and erecting structures is 3 million naira with an additional 3 million as expansion and operating costs.

Expected profit

We are expecting a daily turnover of ₦500,000 – ₦600,000, which is equal to about ₦ 15 million to ₦ 18 million per month based on output and demand for our product.

Management team

In no particular order, we have the best, qualified and certified management team available.

Mr Treasure Merayesa is a graduate of Crop Science and Horticulture, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, and has a Master’s in Fruit processing. His knowledge of fruit processing and preservation is incomparable.

Mrs Ruth Ogah is a food and fruit scientist from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. She makes sure the fruit products are well prepared and packaged.

Our team also includes unskilled staff who make sure the environment is neat. We have the best team that includes professionals from various fields who ensure the maximum growth of the business.

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