FEGEOSTOM bricks and blocks is in the business of making concrete blocks for modern construction. We produce quality bricks and blocks of uniform quality and at a fair price for masonry, builders and construction agents. Our products are used in the construction of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

The owner, Mr Femi Akinyemi his first degree in building engineering from a reputable university in Nigeria and got his master’s degree from the University of Australia . On his arrival to Nigeria, he saw the need for quality concrete blocks which is currently short in supply.

To fill in the gap, Mr Femi Akinyemi started Fegeostom Bricks and blocks (previously Fegeostom block industry). Though a humble beginning in the suburb of Ibadan, Fegeostom has now grown to neighbouring states with branches in Ogun state, Osun state, Ondo state, and Kwara state.


To be the leading manufacturer of quality concrete blocks in Nigeria.


  • To produce the best blocks and bricks in terms of quality.
  • To produce blocks and bricks to meet international standards and customers’ specifications.
  • To establish block industries all over the states in Nigeria.
  • To be the number one block producer across all states.

Our Product Offerings

We offer both the production and delivery of blocks and bricks. We produce concrete blocks of sizes 4-inches, 6-inches and 9-inches. We make interlocking concrete blocks which consist of fancy bricks, perforated bricks of different sizes, colours and shapes. Our Bricks and Blocks are solid, reliable, of high quality and delivered with outstanding packaging.


Competitive edge: We can boldly say we produce blocks and bricks of fine and superior quality. This is our main selling point and we can allow you to put the blocks to test. Another selling point is our employees. They are the best at producing quality blocks using state of the art machines and our sales team is superb. Our delivery system is the best in Nigeria.

Marketing strategy: We have a strong marketing team who has put a firm marketing strategy into place. Our locations are our first strategy by planting our branches in new and developing sites. Not only will our potential customers locate us easily, but it also allows us to make prompt deliveries. We encourage our satisfied customers to market us through word of mouth (testimony and referrals). We also partner with a lot of building agents and builders’ associations as we give discounts and commissions on sales.

Expansion: We have taken it upon ourselves to provide every Nigerian with durable, reliable and affordable bricks and blocks. To achieve this, we want to ensure we are physically present in all the thirty-six states of Nigeria. We are taking this expansion step by step and our immediate expansion is to all states in the southwest of the country.

SWOT Analysis for Block and bricks Production Business Plan in Nigeria

Strength: Our strength lies in the quality of blocks and bricks we produce. We are always careful to produce blocks that are of high quality. We put our blocks to test, and only blocks that pass the test are sold. Another is the competency of our workers and our entire customer-centric culture.

Weakness: Inability to meet demand due to limited capacity

Opportunities: The opportunities are limitless. As the population increase, there will always be a need for new infrastructures and superstructures.  We are here to supply the essential building materials to meet that need. It is a fact that those who haven’t built a house will want to build one, and those that have already built will want to build a bigger one.

Threats: The major threat we face is the policies of government and association. The final price of the blocks are usually affected by these policies

Land and Equipment Required for Block and bricks Production Business Plan in Nigeria

Land: we require at least half a plot (50 by 100 or 60 by 60) for our local block industries and at least a plot for the bigger industries depending on the market.

Machines: Each branch will have at least a Leister Engine for both the molder and the power generator. We would also need at least a molder (vibrator) for the block, molds of different sizes and shapes, block carriers and sheds for storage in all of our branches. This is to house the machines and equipment.

Workers: With an average of nine employees at each branch, we are looking forward to employing over one thousand people in the south-west alone.

Raw materials: A steady supply of raw materials namely fuel, cement, sand and water will be made available for all branches and an average of 50,000 naira profit is expected at the end of each month from the branches.

We have surveyed a total of seventeen new places. An average of 450,000 naira is required to set up the new locations we have surveyed. A total of 8,605,000 naira is needed for this expansion. The business has been able to source for 3,000,000 naira and still in need of 5,605,000 naira.

Block business is a viable and lucrative business in Nigeria that guarantees a prompt and robust return on investment. Join our venture and invest in this business. I can assure you that this will be a worthwhile growth for you as we aim to put a smile to your face.

Management for Block and bricks Production Business Plan in Nigeria

Our head office is in Ibadan as the business started in its suburbs.  The business is supervised from this central location by the chief executive officer and the board of directors. Each branch has its manager and management team that reports back to the head office in Ibadan. With time, we will have regional managers to supervise each zone in Nigeria.

Mr Femi Akinyemi, a master’s degree holder from the University of Australia is the owner and the chief executive officer of Fegeostom. The passion for building, quality building materials, and business made him start this business and support it to its great state today.

The Board of directors are Badejo Christiana (MBA, PMP), Oludare Blessing (M.Tech), Abdulkareem Dauda (B.Engr.), Stephens Chukwemeka, and Lawal Abiodun.

Barrister Moses S. O. is the head of our legal team who handles all the legal aspects of the business. He and his team of legal advisers ensure our business runs legally.


Please call our business plan consultants: +2348147161686,

We have a team that can help you write your specific business plans, feasibility studies, Marketing plan,  grant application,  market research, business brand story and so on.

Contact: +2348147161686 for details

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