All around the world, the highlight of most events is the cutting of the cake. This might be weddings, birthdays, promotions at work, graduation party or winning a contract.

However, cake-making and cooking is not just about combining cake and food ingredients. It is an art of combining these ingredients in the right ratio and decorating it beautifully for people can enjoy the sight and taste of it. We, at Fegeostom, are artists in this business.

Fegeostom catering service is poised to offer the best quality cake that you won’t find anywhere else. Our cakes are attractive, excellent-tasting, well-baked and prepared in the most hygienic place. We operate with a high standard. Our management comprises professionals in the cake making business as well as caterers, event planners, business managers, accountants and experts of diets and culinary sciences.

We are not only concerned with your cakes but also interested in giving your event the best services that brings great admiration and satisfaction. We also run an apprenticeship program for people interested in cake baking.


We are in Victoria Island, Lagos with branches in Opebi, Ikeja and Sapele road, Benin City. We have the ambition of expanding to areas like Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Abuja in the nearest possible future. This is because areas like Lagos have a high population density as such there is the tendency for different places there to be buzzing with celebrations. Similarly, in Benin City, there is always a lot of joyous occasions in multiple locations on weekends. These locations listed have a rich supply of cake ingredient and, as such, we can function as a business.


The market for our services is readily available such that there are a lot of occasions being planned weekly. Events are also organized, and our services isn’t limited to celebrations but also to conferences, societal and social meetings. Therefore, we can

  • Bake all kinds of exquisite cake and confectionaries
  • Decorate podiums, stages and canopy in conferences and events
  • Cover chairs and tables with fine materials.

Our patronage stems from churches, schools, mosques, banks, government and private establishments as well as individuals.


To be number one go-to company for all types of cakes and events.




  • To produce the best quality cakes and food services.
  • To revolutionize the act of cake making and cooking.
  • To have a 99.99% customer satisfaction in our services.
  • To ensure the best results in our event planning.


  • All types of cakes, (birthday, wedding/wedding anniversary, graduation, etcetera.)
  • Small chop, meat pie, egg roll, donuts, chin-chin, sausage roll.


  • Event management and planning.
  • Dealers of baking items and ingredients
  • Trainings



We have highly trained workforce in the business. We are motivated and determined to give the best when called upon & deliver just in time to fulfil our promise. This why we are the most sort after in the business because our events, food and cake never go wrong.


Due to the excellence we have in serving our clients, we are always busy with request and short of staff. Hence, we will need to keep having more skilled workers at the helm of our affairs as we expand by the day.

We hope to keep the wheels rolling by getting only the best and competent personalities to join our workforce.


We take advantage of the fact that the marketing is expanding.


Our major threat is stiff competition. The country has a lot of fast foods, restaurants, emerging cake and event planners that may offer cheaper prizes that will translate but not necessarily standard services.



  • Cake pans
  • Trail and rolling pins
  • Ovens
  • Frying pans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cutleries
  • Indoor and outdoor decorating materials
  • Chair covers
  • Baking ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, Baking soda, etcetera)
  • Cake decorating set
  • Cake icing
  • Rental Chairs and tables
  • Gas cylinders

Financials Requirement.

As a rapidly growing business, we plan on expanding our services to state of relatively higher population like Kaduna to reach more people. We have also invested in building a website for our services as well as a social media manager to manage our online presence. Currently, we are erecting an event center at Airport Road, Benin city which will give us an edge over other catering services.

The cost of getting the land for the event center was N9 million and setting up the structures and equipment cost was N6 Million. Other equipment for the catering services cost N5 million to acquire. The cost of renting the event center will be a negotiable amount of N250,000 and our expected turnover will be about N3 million monthly.



Our management consists of different and gifted individuals working together for the good of the business.

Mrs. Christina Agu is the head Caterer. She has a degree from the state school of nutrition and ministry of health in Benin City. She has several recommendations from hotels, fast food restaurant and bakeries in Benin City where she has done her industrial training and internship. She is also skilled in event management and planning,

Mr. Charles Johnson is trained expert in event management. His skills include decorating of tents, special lighting effects on stages and a master of ceremony. He is also a tutor in our apprentice program.

Mr Kolawole Seyifunmi is a registered member of the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria. He oversees our account and gives financial advice. He is a graduate of accounting from the Lagos State University and the Lagos State Business School. He maintains and monitors our financial transactions and ensures steady income and cash flow.

Mrs Janet Lawrence is our administrative officer. She is a graduate of business administration from UNIBEN and a graduate of the Lagos Business School. She is in charge of processing business request from our client making sure there is good service delivery.

Madam Philomena Osahon has an exceptional skill in cooking, having no formal degree she is a self-taught cook, her specialty involves preparing local dish from the south eastern and western part of Nigeria. She is also excellent in making dishes from other regions of Nigeria. She was a tutor in the State’s School of Nutrition, Benin City before her retirement.

Miss Asa Makinde is our own specialist in French and Italian delicacies, she attended and graduated from a school of culinary science in France.

 Mr. Jude Osasenaga is our social media manager. He is internet savvy. He designs our flyers and posters and makes sure that we have an active online presence with our fans and customers.

Our services are top notch and we have the skilled and able workforce. Our ratings averages 4.8/5 star according to our online polls and customer feedback. These are reasons why we are the best.


Please call our business plan consultants: +2348147161686,

We have a team that can help you write your specific business plans, feasibility studies, Marketing plan,  grant application,  market research, business brand story and so on.

Contact: +2348147161686 for details

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