Business Name: Sensine Nigeria Limited

Industry: Manufacturing

Sensine Nigeria Limited is a sugar-producing company involved in sugar production, storage, and distribution. We employ a mix of methods and technologies to achieve our goals, such as:

  • The use of modern technology to improve the efficiency of our operations.
  • The use of modern equipment and machinery to reduce costs in the production process.
  • The use of mechanized harvesting techniques to increase productivity.
  • The use of traditional farming techniques to ensure high-quality crops are produced.

Our business model allows us to purchase raw sugar from the market farmers and then process it into refined sugar by adding water or molasses. To ensure we can successfully produce sugar, we invested in proper equipment like crushers, boilers, and other processing devices. We have already identified several areas where we can expand our business and operations. Thus, we decided to set up a factory in Lagos after having evaluated all the challenges that we would face in this location as well as in other cities such as Port Harcourt and Enugu. We are also planning to build an industrial park so that our workers can work together under one roof for better efficiency.

Our Vision

As a global leader in the field of sugar production, Sensize Nigeria Limited aims to become one of the most influential players in the industry. We want to be known for our expertise and knowledge of the industry. In order to achieve this vision, we have designed a strategic plan that will allow us to grow and expand our business through effective management.

Our Mission

  • To make Nigeria proud by establishing ourselves as a leading player in the sugar industry.
  • To create an environment that is conducive for maximum sugar production, which will help us achieve our vision.

Our Objectives

  • To develop the best practice for sugar production
  • To encourage organic farming
  • To promote the efficiency of new and renewable resources
  • To increase our annual revenue by 100 percent per year for the next three years.
  • To achieve x percent profit margin on every sale.
  • To create more jobs than we eliminate
  • To scale up healthy and sustainable eating habits.
  • To establish a well-established sugar-producing company with a strong financial position.
  • To be one of the leading providers of sugar products in Nigeria and Africa.
  • To have a strong brand image in the Nigerian market.
  • To promote environmental sustainability
  • To increase productivity and profitability
  • To improve the environmental performance of the company’s operations

Future Prospect

Sugar production is a business that is still in its infancy but has great potential. The country of Nigeria is one of the few places in the world where sugarcane can be grown. The country also has fertile soil and good weather, which makes it ideal for growing sugarcane. Thus, we aim to be able to produce sugar from raw cane planted on our own farms in no time. The refined granulated sugar will then be exported to other countries. This plan seems a very achievable one and a way to provide jobs for people in Nigeria who have no other opportunity to work outside of farming or other manual labor jobs. It will also improve the standard of living for these citizens through increased wages and better working conditions. We, therefore, are working on investing more into the plan to purchase more land, equipment, and supplies needed for this venture. We will not also forget the importance of research and development so that we can produce higher-quality products at lower costs than competitors do currently.

Our Management Team

The management team at Sensine Nigeria Limited consists of a team of graduates and M.Sc holders with knowledge in food technology management, agricultural engineering, and agronomy from university campuses in Nigeria and abroad. They have been carefully selected to meet the needs of the company. They have extensive experience in the sugar production business field and can effectively manage the company’s operations.

As a team, they lead the company’s operations and ensure that we achieve our targets. These targets are set by the board of directors, who are responsible for setting up goals and objectives for the company’s operations. The management team ensures that these goals and objectives are met through proper planning, implementation, and monitoring procedures. They also ensure that their actions do not contradict any laws under which they operate or those governing ethical practices within their industry. The members of the team include:

  • Emmanuel Uche as the Executive Director
  • Victoria Udoh as the Assistant Director
  • Grace Olatinwo as the Marketing Director
  • Elijah Edith as the Human Resource Manager
  • Mercy Arenze as the Production Supervisor


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