Learn from 28 years experience of our tOMATO fARMING consultation services

It’s very sad to see people approach farming with little to zero knowledge- or employ wrong hands-and at the end get their fingers burnt. Many invested all their life savings, some took heavy bank loans, burrowed money from other people or use their pension/gratuity- but sadly lose ALL!

Horticultural farming such as tomato farming is not like normal everyday farming. It’s an attention seeking and a  knowledge based farming that requires the right approach in order to get positive results.

We consult and coach in up-to-date farming techniques fitting for our  geography and market.

We also show people how to maximize little space to achieve great results especially through technical density stocking, sustainable farming, urban-farming and vertical farming .

How lucrative is tomato farming?

Tomatoes is highly profitable and could bring wealth within a very short period. 

Take for example tomatoes cultivation on an acre of land should produce between 15tonnes to 35tonnes- 15tonnes being a worst case scenario.

So let’s calculate: in mile-12 market Lagos, Nigeria for example, a 25kg crate of fresh hardy 120g size per fruit of tomatoes sells for N3500 during market glut/surplus period and N12, 000 during scarcity.

We said 15tonnes (15,000kg) is the worst case scenario. Hence,  when you do the math, that’s 600 of 25kgcrates of tomatoes on an acre. At a worst case you sell all 600 crates at 3500 naira, you should realize a gross profit of N2,100,000.  

Note that this calculation is based on when tomatoes is surplus, not scarce and every year it’s certain there would be scarcity of tomatoes for at least for 5-6months straight in Nigeria.

More reasons to go into tomato farming

  • Increased demand for some specific types of tomatoes due to government ban on importation of tomatoes concentrate
  • Increased processing companies in Nigeria
  • Increased collaboration with governmental foreign bodies
  • Increased demand due to population explosion
  • Little knowledge about horticultural farming in the country causing periodic scarcity amidst other reasons.

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Module 1: Farm processes ANd planting techniques:

This entails everything before transplanting of seedlings into the soil i.e. from land acquisition, to land preparation, irrigation installation, mulching installation, and staking infrastructure installations.

There’s a lot to say here based on years of experience which includes time, season, spacing, depth, staking, and so on.

Module 2: Proper Nursery Preparation:

The nursery stage of cultivation is the most important, so once the young seedlings are sick from nursery, they definitely produce sick outputs.

  • You need to know how to prepare your growing media
  • You need to know how to care for them daily (wetting, spraying, feeding)
  • You need to know how to fortify them against diseases and pests
  • You need to know how to prepare them few days before transplanting

Module 3:Proper Spraying Schedule & Techniques

Every stage of planting requires the right know-how, spraying is the most important activity after planting, because apart from disease prevention, you also feed plants through foliar(leaf) spraying, and there’s a proper way it’s done to achieve maximum results.

You need to know:

WHAT TO SPRAY (Chemicals, Fertilizers in quantity measurement, composition based on soil and situation demands)

HOW TO SPRAY (Learn the techniques of handling spraying exercise)

WHEN TO SPRAY (At what stage of the plant, at what time of the day, at what events on the farm, what signs etc)

Module 4 :Proper Marketing Plan

A good business person needs to prepare a solid sales and marketing plan regardless of scarcity or abundance, there’s the need to have your target market segment and plan on how to serve them.

You don’t have to follow the old rules, there are plenty strategies which we would be teaching.

You also have the opportunity to directly supply some of our partner processing companies and online/offline retail giants which we would inform you on how to go about it.

You will also learn things like:

  • Tomatoes preservation and storage techniques
  • Simple tomatoes processing and packaging techniques

Paying for the training

This discounted program is poised to commence from 27th April, and will hold for 3hours every day, with accompany educative materials, slides, on farm videos to guide our students. Classes are engaging, with practical case studies to help you run either urban or rural type of farm.

Course Requirements
Full participation and maximum attention is needed by students through out all sessions this would be helpful to exchange knowledge and gain from collective learning.

Course Fees:
The classes are divided into two, you can either subscribe for CLASS Basic or CLASS Advance.

Beginners: General Farm processes
General Exposition on Tomatoes
Tomato production manual/working doc.

General Farm processes
General Exposition on Tomatoes
Tomato production manual/working doc.
One year tomatoes production support program
75% Business plan discount

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