Information for Training Centers Do not only list; work with us- we will refer apprentices to you for paid training Our  platform is free.  This is because we rather want to partner with you knowing fully well that most apprentices in Nigeria later become small business owners.

 Requirement for Hosting.

Please note that only complete information will receive preference:

   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Can I host training on your platform on my own? Yes. Our platform gives you access to a part of the back end where you can submit your training details. However, the information submitted will not be published or visible until we verify and approve it.  The verification process takes less than 48 hours.

How long does it take to receive your business plan and other resources should I need any? Immediately, most often.

Who can we contact? Afolabi on: +2348031504604, Akinyemi: +2347030450130,, [submit_job_form]