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 My experience in farming before discovering how to make Agrochemicals on my own was pathetic. Having spent a lot on the farm mostly in procuring chemicals and other inputs,  yields still once turned out so much bad that I angrily left the produce on the farm for the villagers. 

I was really mad and depressed, I thought that would be the end of farming for me. I didn’t return to full time commercial farming for almost one and half year.

I’ve been into full time farming for the past 13 years and I must tell you that in this part of the world the greatest challenge of agriculture is the ever increasing cost of inputs with no commensurate increase in market price.

I remember not too long ago we used to buy a 2 litre bottle of some sets of insecticides for 800 Naira, As a pepper farmer, a sac of pepper then was being sold for 12,000 Naira at peak period. 

Later, the same insecticide increase in price progressively to 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 Naira with Zero corresponding increase in the price of a pepper sac. Instead, the cost of transportation, fertilizers, fungicides, Nematicides, foliar fertilizers etc.,all increased at the same time.

Check out these examples

NPK 15-15-15January 2019₦6000
NPK 15-15-15June 2020₦15,500

Remark: More than 100% increase in  one year

This training will show you how to produce these Agrochemicals for your farm and for sale to farmers

Why should you attend this training?

Make Agrochemicals in Nigeria

Learn the Production of High Quality Agrochemicals

Many Agro chemicals in the market are of poor of quality with nice packaging. Whereas with the right knowledge of simple procedures, you can make yours Chemicals and get better result on the farm.  

Make Agrochemicals in Nigeria

Make Huge Profit

Learn how to package agrochemicals for slae. For example, a 5-litres foliar fertilizers is sold at 18,000 naira in the market. Whereas, the right know-how you can make a better quality with less than 2500 Naira.

AGRIBUSINESS remains one of the most profitable business in Nigeria only if you know how to cut down cost . Today, I do make 500,000 Naira from just 50,000 Naira. 

Recently, I used 92,000 Naira for vegetable farming and made N800,000.

I have reaped a net profit of 3,700,000 Naira in just 3 month.

I can go on and on with profiting reports.

The secret is that I now produce Agrochemical for my farm and for sale to other farmers

Agrochemicals are unnecessarily expensive in Nigeria because they are imported and repackaged.

Hence, I have partnered with apprenticeship.ng to offer this training on how to make, package and market Agrochemicals in Nigeria.

What previous attendees are saying..

The year I went into farming, the price of Agrchemicals shoot up by 250% immediately after our my first planting. It was a total loss. I attended this training before the following planting year and it is a total turn around. Farming is now sweet.
Jamiu Adedeji
I attended this Agrochemical training 6 month ago. Today, I have launched my own NAFDAC approved Agrochemical products. MADE IN NIGERIA...
Make Agrochemicals in Nigeria
John Shodipe

Training Modules

  • Formulation for chemicals that addresses so many spectrum of pests and diseases that attack different wide range of crops
  • Organic Foliar fertilizer A-Z
  • In Organic Foliar Fertilizer A-Z
  • Making of Soil sterilization Chemicals
  • Making Soil conditioning chemicals
  • Microzoids and biogeneration chemicals
  • Pest control chemicals pre and post
  • Sustainable farming techniques that helps to cut your cost
  • Contacts of places you can get original raw materials for your formulation
  • 60days free online consultation
  • NAFDAC procedures for those who want to go into agro-chemical business.
  • Recorded slides for further practice

The Training Cost:

100,000 Naira

20,000 Naira

Find the Training details below:


Phone: 09024314189

Email: info@apprenticeship.ng


Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th, October, 2020

Online Via Zoom

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