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We are here to help  you through all the necessary steps you will need to access grants and investors for your ideas or your existing business.

We are overwhelmed by the opportunities being reeled out this year from both  government and private organization- locally and internationally. There are many genuine business grants,  investors, equity investments opportunities and favorable business loans opportunities popping up everywhere.

Let’s show you how to  position yourself for those opportunities.

Below are four indispensable elements a business who wants grants must have:

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When we help you write a business plan, you are our priority.

While we have the business owner in mind, we also have those who will go through your business plan in mind.

Elements of a good business plan are:

  • Executive summary
  • Company Description, Products and services
  • Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Sales and Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Management
  • Full Financial Analysis

Let’s go through these key components together to show you what you should look out for


We call it the first and the last.  It summarizes the entirety of the business plan, stressing on what the business should deliver or accomplish and thus the last component to be written.  It grips and convinces you first and then everyone who will see it.


This answers the questions; who are you, what are your company goals, what value are you bringing to the table?  Whether as a start-up or an existing business, it expresses the structure and market category of your business 


This is one of the most interesting segments of the plan. It is where you flaunt your knowledge and understanding of the industry and your target market.  Your strength in this sector is expressed with data/statistics detailing the industry trends and style.  Market analysis also explicates the target audience/customers showing the economic class, purchasing power, buying habits, type of services they prefer, seasonal trends and so on.


You are most likely not alone in the industry. So how do you stay ahead of other players?  What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your competitors’ strategies and motivation? What areas are they most vulnerable? What are your key assets or skill sets that outplays your competitors?


This describes the organizations’ “engine room” set-up. The introduction of major personnel such as the managers of the company, board directors/ members with their skill sets and primary job specifications happens here. At times a diagram will do to better illustrate the organogram formation. 


Here’s where every aspects of the business plan is backed up financially. You have to set financial goals with your projected outcomes from your understanding of that market. This section is the area where investors are most interested in as finance is the heart of a business. 

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