Shea butter business in Nigeria is amazing, Let's show you how it works

Shea butter business in Nigeria is amazing, Let's show you how it works


I have always been amazed by the manifold of natural resources we have in Nigeria and how to explore it in the most profitable way.

My curiosity meets its best-ever opportunity the day I discover Shea butter business.

My exploration of Shea butter business in Nigeria started with a quality training I went for in order to understand all the intricacies of the business.

Even though the learning process cost me a considerable amount of time and money, the investment has since proved itself as one of the best decisions I ever made in life.

Today I have settled for Shea butter products and Shea butter export business.


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Venue: ZOOM (Online)

Date: Saturday 15th August, 2020

Time: 11:00 am prompt

Cost: 10,000 Naira

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Bank name: Access Bank

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So, let me share some of my conclusion about Shea butter business:

1. Shea butter business is scalable.

What do I mean by this?

Whatever the status of your capital at the moment, you can venture into Shea butter business and grow it into a multi-million Naira business in a little time.

In my case, I started the business at the backyard of my house with a little capital and today, my products are sold in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Asia, and almost all African countries.

All in space of three years.

In fact, I have recently been in the United Kingdom to see my business partners and I will tell you more about how to go about this at the training.

2. Shea butter business is a global business:

Anyone who wants to go into the Shea butter business should understand that he or she will soon be going global.

You will sooner than you think, start to communicate with foreign investors, partners, retailers and so on.

This is irrespective of how big or small you may have started. Myself as an example, most of my journeys to the United Kingdom, United States, Asia, and other African countries have always had something to do with Shea butter.


This is because Africa is the only source of Shea butter (with Nigeria being the highest producer) yet, Shea butter is sought after all over the world. Again, this training will show you how…

3. Shea butter business is a gold mine: “Shea Butter: Nigeria’s Goldmine Begging for Exploration”

Shea Butter-Nigeria-goldmine-begging-exploration-apprenticeship

This statement is credited to one of the head line news of the Nigerian Tribune on 24th June 2018.

I will say I am a living witness to this fact. Have you heard about the American Shea Butter Institute?

The United States does not produce Shea butter, they only import it from Africa (mainly Nigeria) However; they approach Shea butter as a Natural resource precious as gold.

Hence, they invest in research and extend funding/grant opportunities to informed Shea butter businesses in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The purpose of this training is to make you informed….

4. Shea butter business enjoys government support.

Of course, it is no longer news that the Nigerian government favors some kinds of business when it comes to giving low-interest loans and grants.

Shea butter is one of them. I understand that not everyone will tell you how they get to the top as we are willing to do in this training but as I earlier said, it’s a way of giving back. I hope to see you at the training to tell you more rare information.

I will not be able to exhaust all I know about Shea butter business here; I hope to see you at the 5-hour training.

I now run a successful and well incorporated (Limited Liability Company) business with Shea butter as my major focus.

I am an experienced exporter of Shea butter with my brand currently being sold in three continents of the world.

I am holding this training with, being a Community Interest Company with a focus on maximizing social impact.

I can assure you this is going to be one of your most fulfilling moments in life. The environment of the training is first class and the package (Business plan, manuals, etc.) worth far more than the little money you are paying for it.

So, What exactly is the training is about:

The training has been well organized into modules for easy comprehension.

Module 1: How to source and recognize grade “A” Shea butter.

At the point of export, Shea butter is graded from A-F. Only if you are trained can you be able to identify high-quality Shea butter?

A lot of people waste money, time and resources buying the wrong commodity for export. By the time they get to the port, their product gets rejected, declared non-certified for export. We don’t want you to fall into that trap.


Module 2: You will understand all the channels of money-making in the Shea butter business.


Module 3: You will understand the processing, packaging, value-added procedures and the big local companies looking for Shea butter supply in large quantity.


Module 4: You will have access to networking opportunities important in Shea butter business


Module 5: You will have access to funding for your Shea butter business. There are investors and companies always looking for people who can supply the large quantities of Shea butter. These investors do pay in advance.


Module 6: You will understand how to export-grade “A” Shea butter in Metric tonnes.  Asia, Europe, and America are the common places Shea butter is exported to. (America being the largest)

You can catch a glimpse of the shea butter business training here: 

You will be given:

1. Training manual: These are the text-based document for each module and the audio versions of the training.


2. Detailed and bank standard Shea butter business plan to seek grants and loans for the business.

It entails the executive summary, general introduction, business description, product and services, market research, analysis of competition, SWOT analysis, sales, and marketing plan, operational plan, management structure and 21 years financial analysis and projections.

shea butter BP

3. Follow – up assistance services: We will provide you with post-training attention and follow up services needed for your Shea Butter Business in Nigeria. This will enable us to know and understand other ways we can be of help to you.

We will check on you to know your status at least once in a month and you will have access to our customer help-line for consultation service or scheduled office appointment.

The worth of all you will be getting

is huge

But you won’t be paying big amount.

This training and all its many benefits cost only

10,000 Naira

Highly recognized Certificate of training is guaranteed!

Venue: ZOOM (Online)

Date: Saturday 15th August, 2020

Time: 11: am prompt

Click here to pay or use the bank transfer method with the details below:

Bank name: Access Bank

Account number: 1391926164

Account name: Apprenticeship Consults Africa

IMPORTANT: Send these payment details to with the subject: Shea butter Training Lagos

Depositor Name:


Phone number:

Once your payment is confirmed, your seats will be booked.

Don’t be left out ONLY 7 seats remaining

Here are testimonies you can count on;

I am a first-class honors graduate of Chemical Engineering who cannot do any other business than Shea butter ……James Bakare

I produce cream from grade “A” Shea butter and that was my breakthrough point…Sandra Onah

There is a company I consistently supply Shea butter to in Metric tons for the past six years and I also export too. Shea butter has made me visit America and China several times.

Take the best of this opportunity; you are just one thought away from the financial breakthrough you have always dreamed of.

“The Shea butter business in Nigeria is too big for us; we need more people to come in”

That was the only comment I made during an interactive session with fellow stakeholders at the just concluded Global Shea Alliance (GSA) briefing of the 6th International Shea Industry Conference

Why did I have to say this?

Except for Shea butter business, I would not have been a millionaire today…

Shea butter is a cash crop of unlimited profit just like that of cocoa and Cashew. In fact, as researchers continue to explore this goldmine called Shea butter, they never stop discovering more usefulness along its value chain.


Consider these:

Shea butter is now one of the most sought-after raw material in the ever-evolving and competitive cosmetic industry.


There are no better natural moisturizers or salves than that extracted from the Shea nut. Lip gloss, skin moisturizers, and hair conditioners and so on always have a sale boost if they contain Shea butter.

Shea butter also stands out from other natural oils because of its high healing power. It is now the favorite solution to skincare as it is highly efficient in treating almost all skin diseases.

In fact, according to the American Shea Butter Institute, Shea butter is the skin’s best friend and all household must have it.

Much other usefulness of Shea butter will be highlighted at the training…

So, where does the world turns to for the supply of Shea butter?

West Africa; or better still Nigeria (the world highest producer)

I started Shea butter business with my grandmother in Saki, Oyo state. At first instance, I thought I would use it to while away the time while waiting for the National Youth Service mobilization 10 years ago. However, until now, I still do it with a bountiful profit margin.

Today, I export-grade A Shea butter to America and I can tell you that no metric tonnes are ever enough as a supply. I also process Shea butter into many cosmetic products in Nigeria.

Hence, I have partnered with to offer this training on all the many ways interested individual can enter Shea butter business.

Only 7 seats remaining



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